Borodin Quartet

The Complete Borodin Review

May 26, 2015

It has been 10 days since we wrapped up our five night series of concerts featuring the Borodin String Quartet, and the reviews are in! We sincerely hope you were able to attend at least one of the performances, they were all exquisite, but regardless, please take the time to read through David Gordon Duke’s coverage of the first three performances in the Vancouver Sun.

In his reviews for days one and two, the Quartet’s “quiet radiance”, “extraordinary, breathless endings” and “remarkable finesse” were all points of praise. His enthusiasm only increased by day three, where he praised the maturity, finesse, and mastery of the Borodin quartet taking on the “vigor and bravery” of Shostakovich’s compositions.

For a more comprehensive recap and analysis of the five performances, Geoffrey Newman wrote a feature piece reviewing all five concerts for the Vancouver Classical Music Blog  “A Journey of a Lifetime: The Borodin Quartet Give a Masterly Account of the Complete Shostakovich Quartets”.

He reported that “the spirit of Shostakovich was everywhere, his defiance, his tenderness, his sardonic wit, all the little complexities that made up his expression. Nowhere did the Borodin Quartet intervene in the presentation of the story. This was scrupulously prepared, but absolutely selfless playing, almost from a different age.”

We are so proud of this series, THANK YOU to all who attended!