borodin quartet shostakovich reception vancouver playhouse 2015

Borodin Quartet Reception Re-cap

June 9, 2015

Concert III of the Borodin Quartet’s 70th Anniversary Celebration: The Complete Shostakovich Cycle was not only a fantastic night because it showcased the peak of Shostakovich’s quartets, but also because of the post-performance reception with the artists in attendance!

Thank you so much to the Borodin Quartet for the thrilling performance, and for their gracious presence at our reception. It was lovely to see fans excitedly waiting for an opportunity to take photos and get autographs and chat about the event.

Did you catch the reception interview on Periscope? Local event promoter, Francis Hui live cast a backstage interview with Igor Naidin while some of us were huddled around my iPhone watching live, from the reception. It was super cool, and people were tuning in and watching from other parts of the world. You can see from my screen capture below that Kevin Frietas from Seattle lamenting his absence! Sadly, Periscope is a live app, so there is no recording of the interview for us to share.

 Igor Naidin, Borodin Quartet, Vancouver, The Vancouver Playhouse, Periscope

This past season we were able to pilot two receptions, a Sunday afternoon and a Tuesday evening, and since they were so well attended, we are planning receptions for all the Sunday afternoon concerts for the 2015/16 season. That means there will be four receptions in total! So dress to impress and plug the parking meters accordingly, because we are going to mingle!

The schedule for Sunday concerts is:

Did you have a favourite moment of the evening? Tell us in the comments below!