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CMS String Sextet – A Night In Vienna – Concert Wrap-Up

November 14, 2016

It may have been pouring rain outside, but inside the Vancouver Playhouse audiences were kept warm with three stunning pieces from Vienna throughout the ages. The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS) delighted Vancouver with their energy and passion. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did!

Here’s what viewers had to say on social media:

Silver Fox Postering: This was an awesome performance!

Morag Cuthbertson: Flawless technique combined with exuberant youthful high energy provided us a concert to remember for years.

Great to see the CMS string sextet at The Playhouse thanks to @fcmvancouver !

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vr_media: Great to see the CMS string sextet at The Playhouse thanks to @fcmvancouver!

Roger Leon Parton: This concert was fantastic. It was great to see the legendary David Finckel take his chair for the Schoenberg and with just his eyes and a hint of facial expression, communicate nuance to the younger players. I could tell they respected him immensely. There was terrific musicianship on display this afternoon at the Playhouse, no doubt about it!!

Paris Simons: After a hard day’s work, mining in the minds of Mozart, Schoenberg, and Brahms for Friends of Chamber Music, and a post-concert meet and greet with the audience, the guys from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center joined us for dinner (except for Matthew, who had a flight to catch right away).

@Muzewest: Post-concert selfie with the brilliant @SeanLeeViolin. Amazing recital with @chambermusic this afternoon at @FCMVancouver!

@Muzewest: Absolutely wonderful concert with @ASitkovetsky and @FCMVancouver and @chambermusic! #Brahms was fantastic. Glad to meet. ????

Paris Simons: Rina and me ready for the post-concert reception. A chance for audience members to meet the musicians in the lobby, and for the musicians to have a drink and chat after all their hard work.

@Aininian: Ready for our first #classical concert with @chambermusic and @FCMVancouver! #FCMcmsVienna

Paris Simons: Brahms rehearsal onstage for the 3pm concert with David Finckel, Richard O’Neill, Matthew Lipman, Sean Lee, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Keith Robinson.

And one last one from all of us at Friends of Chamber Music:

@FCMVancouver: Thanks @chambermusic for the wonderful show! #FCMcmsVienna