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Last Chance To Give To Get A 2016 Tax Receipt

December 9, 2016

For the love of music

Beyond simple appreciation for a unifying art form, music plays an integral part in the community by helping us to understand each other better on a global level. It promotes joy rather than fear, understanding rather than hate.

At Friends of Chamber Music, we’re grateful for every single donation from those who share our love of music. It’s why we do what we do, for you and the community at large; because we love music and want to advocate its importance through concerts and our annual Young Musicians Competition.

Your contribution makes that possible.

The Show Must Go On

Countless hours donated from tireless volunteers go into every Friends’ concert and YMC. We rely on your good will to present the best Chamber Music has to offer, and believe it is this give-and-take relationship between our benefactors and us that generates the special quality of the FCM and what we offer.

How CanadaHelps

We appreciate your donation and will always ensure you receive a hard-copy tax receipt in the mail for your 2016 taxes. The best way to show your support for Friends of Chamber Music is through This wonderful organization offers additional tax benefits for every contribution made to us through them. See their helpful Charitable Tax Credit Calculator for step-by-step instructions on how to receive tax credits for every dollar donated to us. Then, simply select how much you would like to donate and fill in their easy-to-use form on our designated Friends of Chamber Music CanadaHelps page. You will receive your tax receipt almost instantly, and far quicker than sending us a donation directly.

Thank You

Most importantly, we thank you for your continued support. No gift is too small and means the long life of our musical community. Thank you.