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Borodin Quartet’s 70th Anniversary Celebration Opening Night Reviews

May 8, 2015

We hope you were able to join us at the Opening Night of the Borodin Quartet’s 70th Anniversary Celebration: The Complete Shostakovich Cycle.

Some of the words used by our audience members to describe the night’s concert were “sublime”, “fantastic”, and “stunning”! Already (thank you David Gordon Duke), The Vancouver Sun has posted a lovely review of the evening, including, “The first and second quartets show a composer…finding his own ultra-personal language. The First is a tad lighter than the Second, which ends with a particularly moving set of variations. The Third is a breakthrough piece—music so completely personal that there is no possible doubt about its authorship“. Read more of his review here.

We’d also like to thank Vancouver Classical Music who also gave a delightful review of our Opening Night on their website’s front page, titled “A Journey of A Lifetime: The Borodin Quartet’s Mastery in Shostakovich Makes the Coming Concerts A ‘Must See’”.

“After Tuesday night’s opening concert of the Borodin Quartet’s Shostakovich quartet cycle, everyone knew that this was a rare experience: an ensemble so steeped in the music of their countrymen, and so selfless, sensitive and sure in their presentation of it. The last time we had an authentic experience of this order was in fact almost 50 years ago. The first three (of the fifteen) quartets were performed and, especially in the more substantial 2nd and 3rd quartets, one saw such a concentrated and moving response to the diversity in the composer’s intimate world. In the slow movement of the former and the great finale of the latter, time often stood still, as all the forlorn yearning moved inexorably on, yet so touching and beautiful. It can only be fascinating to see how the composer’s world of feeling sharpens and becomes more complex as the later quartets unfold. The final four concerts at the Vancouver Playhouse (8pm) take place this Thursday and Saturday, then next Monday and Wednesday. The reception for the Borodin Quartet takes place after the Saturday concert.”

The Borodin Quartet’s next performance is Saturday May 9 at 8pm with a reception to follow and artists in attendance. If you were unable to attend the first two concerts, we urge you to join us in the last 3 of the series. For tickets and info, click here. 

Photo courtesy of photographer Mark Mushet.