Welcome to Season 2013-2014!

August 8, 2013

We call ourselves Friends of Chamber Music because we believe what Sir Henry Hadow wrote in his introduction to Cobbett’s Survey of Chamber Music: “There is no kind of music in which it is more difficult to write a masterpiece, for there is none where the composer retires so intimately to the very centre and fastness of his art; it is an art as pure as sculpture, and as enduring. No other form of music has such powers to engage our attention and keep it unflagging to the end; no other can delight our senses with such exquisite beauty of sound.”

Our goal is always to bring to Vancouver ensembles whose consummate musicianship will reveal the riches at the core of this profoundest form of music. We always search out ensembles whose musicians can bring to our ears the full riches at the core of the music. This season we again concentrate on the string quartet, presenting seven quartets playing a wide range of the literature, and an eigth quartet with a guest pianist to play a quintet. We
also bring you a piano trio and a woodwind and string ensemble from The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.

The repertoire for every concert is balanced in order to satisfy our devotees and also to be enjoyed by new converts to this consummate music.

Join us!