Since writing to you in July, we have been waiting for the resolution of several things.

November 2, 2021

The American border is finally open, and the controversy over vaccination criteria is resolved so artists can move more easily across the border. A few days ago, the B.C. health authority announced that theatres could be at 100% capacity and an intermission is allowed, which is a comfort for many patrons.

The November 16th concert with the Modigliani Quartet is on, and if you buy a season subscription, you will be our guest at this concert. You must have a vaccination passport and wear a mask to enter the theatre. I do want to bring your attention to one of the health regulations still in force – inside Events reg C 12, that “participants do not dance.” So, if after an exciting concert, if you want to twirl in the aisles or do a little jig in the foyer please restrain yourself – this is not allowed.

The response to the survey was most gratifying. What was noticeable was that the survey indicated that most of our new support comes from friends bringing friends to chamber music. Historically this is always been the case so we trust the current supporters will keep this tradition going.

Due to some technical problems, we have been a little slower getting to this point but we now welcome you back to our 74th season of live chamber music concerts.

Eric Wilson