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Got a Group? Get a Deal

September 9, 2015

Did you know we offer discounts if you’ve got a group? Perfect for music students to gain an appreciation for what they’re practicing, discover the contrast between composers, or simply as an introduction to the broad horizon of classical possibilities, our group rate tickets are the antidote to textbook learning.

Sunday matinees provide the opportunity for students to meet the performers and ask questions after the show. It could mean the difference between playing the notes and feeling the music for a student when their eyes are opened to what practicing can mean for their ability, and even a future career.

Our concert calendar is available to pre-book your season, as well as aid music teachers in planning their semester to align with what’s available to experience in person. Single student rates are as low as $15 for a concert, and if 5 shows are pre-purchased–or one show for 5 people–we’re happy to offer a discounted rate as well. See our Full Season, Pick Your Own Series, and Open Ticket options here.

For more information on how to tailor our group rate specials to your needs, contact us today.

(Photo: Susana Fernandez)