Han, Finckel, Setzer Trio

January 12, 2016 8:00pm The Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton St.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano trio in C Major, Opus 1 No.2

Dmitri Shostakovich
Piano trio No.2 in E minor, Opus 67

Antonín Dvořák
Piano trio in C minor, Opus 90 “Dumky”

Cellist David Finckel, violinist Philip Setzer, and pianist Wu Han make as fine a piano trio as the world knows. Given their résumés, this is no surprise: Finckel spent more than thirty years with the famed Emerson String Quartet; Setzer is a founding and continuing member of the Emerson Quartet; and Han has an outstanding career as an orchestral soloist and chamber player, as well as a close recording and touring relationship with Finckel. So, it will be no surprise that we’re bringing this trio back for a fourth performance.

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