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Johannes and Clara: A love unrequited

Why is there so much allure for the music of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)? Not only is he considered a famous Romantic composer for his mastery of counterpoint, but his love life suggests he may be the most romantic man of all time! Sadly, it is said he had a lifelong, unconsummated -if not entirely unrequited- …Continue reading »

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Spotlight on Local, Award Winning Pianist, Ian Parker!

Our season finale is only a few weeks away, and with great excitement, we will be featuring award winning pianist and local Vancouverite, Ian Parker alongside the Vogler Quartet! It’s not the first time Ian has collaborated with the Vogler Quartet. In fact, he toured with them in 2005/2006 on their 20th anniversary tour and has since been …Continue reading »

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